Use our practical member module with extensive profile data. Easy to modify by members and preferable over outdated data via Excel or Whatsapp groups.

Assign memberships to your members. Automate subscription renewal and membership fees through our online payment module.

Use connections and message boards (Club WhatsApp) to interact with other members about knowledge, questions or topics of interest.

The functionality of Competence Based Networking allows members to register their own competences and expertise in order to connect with others or find the right expertise.

Organize activities, invite members and keep track of who has confirmed attendance. Additionally, you can make use of reminder mailings, waiting lists, attendance lists and payment through cost notes or invoicing.

An overview of all activities or important club dates. Easy to add extra events, such as birthdays of members.

An online app: club communication, activities calendar, direct activity enrollment (click & confirm, directly in your calendar), digital club with member connections.

Send messages to members and automate reminders and confirmation emails for activities. Mail marketing to new members and prospects while larger club stories can be communicated through the integrated blog.

Create expense notes or invoices for activities or memberships and link them directly to your digital accounting package.

Share multimedia with members and allow them to upload and publish their own photos and videos. Club archive and board documents can be managed separately.

Klubs features extensive reporting and transparent management of memberships, activities, subscriptions and connections. The reporting dashboard has adjustable KPI settings that accurately reflects the current situation of the club administration at any given time.

Link all data with useful tools such as MailChimp, Yuki, Mollie and other applications to increase your efficiency.

From now on receive payments for memberships and activities online. Have your members pay through Bankcontact, Ideal or Credit Card.

Give non-members the chance to subscribe to your activities through a practical and user-friendly public form. Create your own look & feel for this page.

Would you like to request additional information during registrations? Who prefers fish or meat for a club dinner, for example? Set up an unlimited number of questions to gain a better understanding of your members.

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